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Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fences are the best type of garden additions for your backyard and your overall home privacy addition. They create that natural look to the boundary of your gardens and the rest of the backyard. These types of fences offer that desired safety, privacy and appearance to your gardens, screening heaps of weed from gardens and keeping away animals from the garden. 

One reason why bamboo is such a popular choice for garden fences is because it is quite inexpensive to buy and easy to install. Bamboo is stronger than it looks. It will withstand direct exposure to the sun as well as severe weather and wind. This strength and durability make it a good option for garden fencing.

Black Bamboo Fencing 

Bamboo has a wide variety of fencing options. Black bamboo is another option to bamboo fencing varieties. Their natural color produces a lovely contrast against flowers, vegetation, and gardens around your home. Black bamboo fencing is a modern twist of regular bamboo fencing commonly used to cover up dull chain-link fences. To have an artistic design, you can blend these bamboo design with another design. For example, you can mix natural bamboo with black bamboo to have a classy look.

Natural Bamboo Fencing

Natural bamboo is one of the best fence designs for your backyard landscape. Bamboo fencing rolls comes in varieties of light natural color and tan with a variety of sizes, styles and design. To have the best installation, you can decide to put the panels together or place them inside wooden frames for easy installation. Bamboo fencing designs and styles are the best to cover up old hedges and fences, to give your garden's landscape a new look.

Carbonized Bamboo Fencing

Carbonized bamboo fences will enhance your backyard to be the best you dreamt of. Their carbonized color ensures a contemporary and modern appearance to your home and backyard garden spaces. Carbonized bamboo fence rolls are the most preferred choices of wooden fences for modern homes due to their deep tone and caramel color. For this type of bamboo, they are darker than natural bamboo fences. This type of fences will come in different varieties of sizes and dimensions.

Mahogany Bamboo Fencing 

Among all other bamboo fencing options, Mahogany bamboo fencing is the most attractive type of fencing design. They are almost similar to natural bamboo fencing designs, the only difference is that these are dyed to achieve that mahogany tint. These fencing designs are the best for indoor and outdoor safety and privacy fencing. They are easy to install and are not adversely affected by crazy weather conditions

Tigerboo Bamboo Fencing

This type of fencing option offers that charming look on your fence. It's a classic variety with tiger like spots with dark striped patterns. Tiger bamboo fences are a good choice for your backyard tiki bar and gazebo. They can also be used to fence around your home and garden. Tiger bamboos are not only used for outdoor functions but also could be used for interior decor as space dividers within your rooms. This type of design is highly durable and versatile with it's many styles, sizes and designs.