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All about Custom Fences

A person's home is their castle and as unique a house as someone has, their fence should be also be unique. Who wants just any old moat around their home anyway?

Custom fences can provide that unique statement about your home. Your custom fence can provide security, protection and comfort, add privacy, and block excess wind or sunlight just as other fence does. Additionally a custom fence can hide unattractive views and highlight great ones all the while looking fantastic. Custom fences are also be adapted at containing the family pets, making a safe play area for children, and buffer unwanted noises. Probably the most important advantage of a custom fence is it will enhance your property's value more than any other type of fence.

All those are things that most high quality fences can do. What a custom fence does is add a unique flair that is as individual as you.

Options for types of custom fences start with a lattice fence. A lattice fence is a grouping of very small boards that make up a net between the fence posts. The boards that make up the lattice can be wide or narrow, but usually are less than an inch in width. The space between the boards can be minimal but are normally larger than the board width itself. It all depends on how much air you want to pass between the boards.

Many homeowners plant vines at the base of the lattice fence and those vines will grow up through the lattice work, weaving in and out on both sides of the fence.

The boards themselves are normally made of cedar, though you can get boards made from PVC.

A similar custom fence is the basket weave fence. In many ways, it’s like a lattice fence. The individual boards look like they’ve been woven around your fence post, going on one side and then the other. It allows varying amounts of air flow between the boards depending on how close together the individual boards are.

How much space between the individual boards will determine how much folks on the outside can see into your yard. The individual boards can be about a half a foot wide and the space between them can be an inch or less.

One of the classiest fences is an iron and stone fence. The classic iron fence panels are not separated by iron poles, but by brick or stone columns. If you add a line of bricks or stones at the bottom of the entire fence line, you’ve got a very strong fence that at the same time is a very dignified.

A vinyl and stone fence is similar but instead of iron pickets, it uses vinyl panels to give the fence a continuous boundary.